Talking at the StartupAmerica DC Ideas Summit

Cool beans. I’ve been selected to talk at the upcoming StartupAmerica DC Ideas Summit along with Aneesh Paul Chopra (US CTO) and a bunch of great DCTech folks. I’ll be talking about “Ties and T-Shirts; Together” – how the DC startup and government/business communities should be working together and leveraging our collectives advantages as a region.

There’s been a lot of excitement around the Startup America intiative in general, but we’re really going to hone in on the specifics of the DC startup community. If you’re in the area I hope you’ll come to the talk. Don’t be afraid to say hello afterwards (and mention that you read the blog!).

Update 2/1/12

The summit was a great success. People came with lots of great ideas, and the incredible energy that I’ve come to associate with the DC startup scene was on full display. A few people even made some polite compliments about my talk J

I don’t know what happened to the video, but my slides/prezi is available here. And I added a blurry shot of me evangelizing t-shirt/tie togetherness above.


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